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Campaign Season Kicks Off

So, it’s early September, and the campaign season is kicking off, with a number of primaries already decided and the general election in November just around the corner.

Things look bad for the Democrats, as underlined by a post by Nate Silver yesterday at his fivethirtyeight blog at The New York Times.

Nate says Dems are set to lose six or seven governor’s offices in this go around.

I can’t say I’m feeling very sorry for the Democrats. They squandered a historic opportunity to set this nation on a responsible track — to putting America back on a footing to face the economic challenges coming our way, to restoring protections for Americans (you know, those people they all talk about in their campaigns) from corporate greed and predation by bigots.

On issue after issue, they have failed to take the natural advantage to address issues that are the major concerns of their base and the majority of Americans:

  • The Economic Collapse – triggered by Wall Street greed and the elimination of  Glass-Steagall — and continued partially by a lack of testicular fortitude to return taxation back to a fair rate for those pulling in over $250,000.00.
  • The BP Oil Rig Disaster – the result of greed and lax Federal oversight.
  • Proposition 8 – the culmination of bigotry and the Christianist Right’s hold on both parties.
  • Unemployment – continued in part by a too small stimulus directed at the wrong people
  • Energy – the failure to begin a robust program to wean America off of foreign oil and onto a variety of sustainable energy technologies.
  • Environment – (see above) Also an inability to move past those who refuse to believe the science and develop a global framework for reducing carbon emissions (resulting in benefits of health, food production and energy independence).

Not helping matters is the application of the Citizens United ruling to allow huge corporations to donate unlimited amounts of money to pro-corporate, anti-consumer candidates.

So when you think about the poor Democrats, remember that when they had a chance to do something about some very important issues, they balked.

How else to explain that the party that is ostensibly for workers, the environment, civil rights, and the ability of government to effect positive change losing to the party that rejects government in any form, believes that corporations (and the invisible hand of the unregulated free market) know what is best for people, and rejects science, and wants to protect the “right” of people to discriminate.


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