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Koran or Bible


Talking Points Memo has a post from Monday about American Muslim leaders beginning an effort to educate the public that they are not all terrorists.

This on the heals of a number of episodes of violence against Muslims in this country.

You can’t reasonably expect the brainwashed Fox-drones who are protesting the Park51 project to feel any sympathy for Muslims facing hardship. The meta story they have bought, and are helping sell is simple and resistant to reason: Islam is evil, and Muslims should be eliminated.

It’s easy to make the connection between the constant drumbeat in the right-wing media against Islam and its practitioners and the attack on a Muslim cab driver , or an attack by teenagers on a New York mosque.

Is it possible for these folks to step out of their hate for long enough to recognize that their actions have consequences for members of the American military abroad?

The Florida pastor who plans a Koran burning has brought a growing chorus of condemnation from the defense establishment, including General David Petraeus (the commander of troops in Afghanistan), Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Michael Mullen.

It’s the right move in a free-speech society.

If the good pastor wants to burn the holy text of another religion, he has the right to do so. He does not have the right to avoid the condemnation and criticism such a malignant action deserves.

And his supporters need to be aware of the real-world consequences of their actions.

Update: Overheard in a bookstore today – “Hillary Clinton and liberals — they have no problem with people burning the American flag. There should be equal treatment.”

Yes. Burning the holy book of a religion is EXACTLY the same as burning the symbol of a country where people fight and die for the right to free expression and religious tolerance.



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  1. You know I completely agree with you–one question though, how do I subscribe to this blog? Or do I just bookmark and check in from time to time? I asked Lindsay but never heard back….

    Comment by Amber Stitt | September 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Look to the right of the blog and there should be a button to subscribe.
      Thanks for commenting, and keep the comments coming.

      Comment by wcward57 | September 8, 2010 | Reply

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