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O’Donnell’s Record

Michael Johns, U.S. Senate candidate Christine...

For those of you who are trying to find out what Republican Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell stands for, Think Progress has “The Old Adventures of New Christine” up their site.

For those holding her up as a role model for feminist Republicans, consider her own words:

O’Donnell believes the proper role of a woman is to ’submit’ to her husband. ”This is not about merely a Baptist doctrine. This is a biblical doctrine. And the passage from the Bible the Baptist article is taken from talks about a submissive family. And yet, what the media seems to be reacting to is the word “submit” in the wives. But yet, even in, Mary, your introduction, you ignored or you left out where it says they graciously submit to a servant leader. And that is God’s design for the family. It is not about dominating and it is not about being a slave to your husband.” [CNN, 6/11/98]


O’Donnell warned that allowing women to attend military academies ‘cripples the readiness of our defense.’ “By integrating women into particularly military institutes, it cripples the readiness of our defense,” O’Donnell has said. She also argued that West Point “has had to lower their standards … in order for men and women to compete” [Politico, 9/16/10]

There’s a growing trend in GOP politics to put forward empty-headed female candidates who are attractive and can parrot talking points to receptive audiences.

Some on the right are starting to realize there is a downside to winning this way.

Bill Kristol, who’s cheerleading for Caribou Sarah helped bring her to national prominence, doesn’t seem to get it. On the CNN website, there is a report, that he said the following:

“I know Sarah Palin. I respect Sarah Palin. And with all due respect- Christine O’Donnell is no Sarah Palin.”

Uh. Yes she is. She’s almost exactly like Sarah Palin.

Update: Combing the archives for her record is going to be necessary because O’Donnell is refusing to speak to the press — even her boosters at Fox:


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