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Alaska Tea Party Candidate – Hypocrite

Joe Miller, candidate for United States Senate...

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The Mudflats blog is reporting that Alaska Senatorial candidate Joe Miller, who vanquished Lisa Murkowski in the recent primary race, has a hypocrisy problem:

Farmer Joe and the Federal Cookie Jar… an Update.

Seems he filled out a survey that says he is opposed to federal subsidies for agriculture.

Then it was learned that he has farmland in Kansas and Alaska. And collected over $14,000 on his Kansas holdings.

Of course, when the story broke, he came clean and renounced his position — no wait — he danced around the issue and was creat this misleading narrative:

This is a manufactured story from a Democratic blog. Joe has owned land near Delta Junction since 1999, but the land is not under production, and he’s received no federal farm subsidies for it.”

When confronted with the evidence that the candidate receive Fed dough for his Kansas lands, a Miller campaign spokesman fell back on the “it was standard practice” argument.

Everyone was doing it. My principles are firm — in that other people should follow them.



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