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Conflict Of Interest, Much?

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It looks like the liberal media has finally shown its true colors after disclosing they are spending millions to elect Democrats into office.

Oh, wait — it was News Corp (owner of Faux News), and they just spent another million to get Republicans back in office:

“News Corp spends another million bucks on electing Republicans”

Conservatives from mainstream newspapers to the blogosphere immediately decried the move, lambasting Fox, and….well, no.


The donation, to the extremely right-wing U.S. Chamber of Commerce, follows another $1 million gift to the Republican Governor’s Association earlier this year.

Imagine the outcry had the situation been reversed.

At least there is transparency to disclose this fact — not that it will make any difference.

Fox lost whatever claim it had to being a news organization long ago, and has regularly confirmed their status as a propaganda arm of the GOP by their on air sponsorship of the Tea Party rallies and manufacture of race-baiting non-stories designed to whip up their low-information following.



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