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GOP candidates and violence

at least i'm not a bully

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So, exactly what to think about the rhetoric of the GOP about “jackbooted thugs”, support for the constitution and threats to liberty and freedom?

In light of the actions of some of them, not much.

These bullies reflexively invoke our founding document but never seem to get around to reading — or at least — understanding it.

Where the Tea Party crowd is concerned, actions speak louder than words.

  • In Alaska, Tea Party phenom Joe Miller’s right-wing militia thugs handcuffed a local reporter for the crime of asking an uncomfortable question
  • In Florida, GOP candidate sent his crew of burly biker henchmen to threaten  his opponent’s staffer who was videotaping an event in a public park
  • Carl Paladino, running for Governor of New York (and known for distributing porn and racist emails) threatened to  “take out”   a reporter who worked for a paper that revealed that the GOP candidate has a love child

The principles of the constitution these bullies pretend to uphold (as opposed to, say, the scary black man in the White House) aren’t ones in my copies of the document.

We’ve seen this behavior before from Tea Party candidates — or at least a similar reaction.

Veep candidate and half-term Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell famously avoid the real press (and encourage others of their ilk to do so).

Must be because they have the option of going on the ever-fawning Fox “News” Channel to have their egos massaged and never have to deal with any, you know, issues.

Word of suggestion: if you can’t stand to answer questions from the press, maybe you aren’t cut out to hold office.


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