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‘Super 8’ delivers!

Projet: Super 8

Image by Pedro fait de la Photo via Flickr


So, I caught Super 8 at the local cinemaplex-a-rama on opening night and was delighted by it.

The movie brought me back to being a teen in the late 70’s, and a moviegoer in the early 80’s.

Set in 1979 Ohio, the movie deals with a group of younger teens who are making a zombie movie on their super 8 camera — when they witness a train wreck. It seems that the Air Force is transporting…something from Nevada to Wright Patterson Air Force Base, and the kids get caught up in the aftermath of that crash.

Much has been said about how Spielbergian the movie is, and that’s definitely all in there. Salon has a fun post documenting the Spielberg shout-outs in the movie.

The film serves on one level as a love letter to fanboys (and girls) who happen to be my exact age! Some of folks posting at Ain’t It Cool News have mentioned similar sentiments about the film.

On another level, there is a charming story of young love, friendship and family relationships tested by tragedy.

Director J.J. Abrams (a Spielberg disciple) has managed to capture a period in time through the use of props, set design, dialogue and wardrobe that reawakened my love of movies, science fiction and fandom in general.

“Super 8” is a well done, highly entertaining summer movie that evokes a sense of wonder that I haven’t felt at a movie in a long time.

I’m going again!


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