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Congressman Weiner will resign

Anthony Weiner

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So, he’s resigning.

When the scandal broke, I posted on my Facebook wall in response to suddenly vociferous critics calling for his resignation.

They were shocked and outraged that Anthony Weiner would be monstrous enough to cyber-sext women who were not his wife.

I did not (and do not) defend the New York Democrat’s behavior. I think that news of his resignation is appropriate and simultaneously sad.

Weiner was one of the few firebrand Democrats willing to call Republicans on the carpet for their policies and for their seeming lack of compassion for — well, just about anyone who don’t line their pockets with campaign donations.

On the other hand, from time to time I would wince at his overreaching and combative appearances on television and on the floor of the House.

More that once, I disagreed with stances he took, but on the issues, I happened to agree with him the vast majority of the time.

What Weiner did may pale in comparison to other recent scandals, and I do think that Republicans running on “values” platforms are ridiculous in light of their silence on Senator David Vitter’s (R-LA) and now former SC Governor Mark Sanford’s extramarital dalliances — I do think what the congressman did was wrong.

That being said, what he did should have been between him and his wife. Nothing revealed to date was illegal or impinged on his duties as a representative.

In a better world, he would be able to keep his job and continue the good fight he has been engaged in for a decade.

This is not that world, and the sledgehammer of judgement is not evenly applied.

The media circus around Weiner is an unneeded distraction from the Democratic agenda. The predatory, scandal-driven press will never let this go — delighted in their laziness to have a juicy story handed to them. This saves them from actually, you know, reporting. It’s almost summer after all.

It is entertaining to watch Republican spokesheads  feigning a case of the vapors over this unheard of violation of the sanctity of marriage. These same folks are deafeningly quiet about other prominent scandals, in particular the one involving a Senator from the bayou state.

See, a few years ago it was discovered that married Republican Senator Mark Vitter had paid top-shelf prostitutes to allow him to wear diapers during their rendezvous. Repeatedly. Over a number of years.

It was further revealed that he took calls from a prominent Washington, DC madam while on the Senate floor.

By the way, prostitution (and engaging a prostitute) is ILLEGAL  in both Washington, DC AND Louisiana.

Vitter was reelected by his Louisiana constituency and continues to serve as Senator (where he protects the sanctity of marriage from Teh Gayz).

So, I guess the lesson to glean from this debacle is that despite all of the moralizing by the self-appointed right-wing arbiters of “values”, they have no principles beyond winning at all costs.

They have long ago lost any sense of shame.

At least congressman Weiner seems to have retained that.


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