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Unconstitutional Christians — again

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It seems that a group of preachers, led by an attention-craving attorney have made a costly decision to violate the separation of church and state again.

In this case the Giles County School Board, under pressure from the above, have decided to hang copies of the Ten Commandments in schools using a flimsy pretext.

The action will likely cost the cash-strapped school district in the neighborhood of $350,000.00.

Said school board member Drema McMahon (one of two board members who opposed the decision):
“We do not have the money to fight this battle to the Supreme Court. Our teachers and our staff continue to do an outstanding job, even though they have not had a raise in four years, and we are talking about spending $350,000 to fight this to the Supreme Court.”

Meanwhile, in Louisiana, the State Senate just shot down a bill that would authorize the hanging of the Ten Commandments on public property.

A local church had announced that it is willing to fund the erection of the monument, and the bill’s sponsor, representative Patrick Williams (D-Shreveport) tried to justify the legislation:

“This is for historical purposes, not religious purposes,” to show the effect of the Ten Commandments on history and laws, he said.

This of course, is bullshit.

The bill, rejected on the fears of costly litigation, at least tried a fig-leaf approach to allow the erection of monuments to other religions as well — but there were no financial backers for these hypothetical monuments.

This article on the Discover website does a nice job dismantling the claim for the Ten Commandments as a basis for law:

Are the Ten Commandments really the basis for our laws?

I leave the final words on the subject to the late great George Carlin (LINKED HERE).



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