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Are Christians insecure?

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I ask because the ubiquitous stories like the efforts to post the Ten Commandments in every public space imaginable, the anti-Sharia hysteria, and the quixotic drive to reintroduce official prayer in the schools.

Today, via American Atheists, Inc. comes word of Christians in King, NC flying a Christian Flag at the local veterans cemetery — against the express wishes of the family of the man chosen to be honored last week.

Tracey Becker Meszaros, the daughter of the veteran who was chosen by lottery by the City of King to be honored at the Memorial the week of June 6 [said]:

“We chose to fly no flag because we believe it more accurately honors veterans,” Meszaros said in a statement issued on June 7. “Veterans of this country are not only Christian. They are Jewish, Muslim, pagan, and, yes, even atheist. They deserve to be honored for their service to this country, too.”

According to recent surveys, approximately 76% of Americans claim to be Christian.

Given that number, what is the pressing need to force their particular brand of religion down everyone else’s throats?

Christians seem to exhibit insecurity in many facets of life — from the terror of Harry Potter and entertainment in general to freaking out that two men or two women may get married.

This country has inscribed in its operator’s manual a protection of religion called the Establishment Clause. You can practice whatever religion you want, or none at all.

What is not guaranteed is that everyone else will conform to the tenants of your particular book of worship.

So relax, Christians. We recognize your right to your particular beliefs and practices and wouldn’t dream of forcing you to stop.

Please have the same consideration for others, and try to understand that it is disrespectful to try to force the minority of people who don’t believe as you do to participate in your religion.

Especially posthumously.


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  1. yes, they are insecure and they seem to enjoy acting like they are still at risk of being thrown to the lions – by acting like an oppressed minority, they are able to justify their discrimination towards other groups of people who are actually oppressed and discriminated against.

    part of the problem is that the fact of there being non-christians who are happy and successful demonstrates that one doesn’t have to be christian to accomplish these things

    they are insecure because they have no mechanism for internal validation and have to rely on external sources for their morals and they are in a state of having to wait to die in order to be given reward or punishment for their good or bad deeds.

    while the rest of us just go about living as best we can

    christians can’t enjoy their dress rehearsal existance while waiting for the afterlife to start and they don’t want anyone else enjoying life in the meantime

    Comment by Random Ntrygg | June 17, 2011 | Reply

  2. The Bible states that A GAY lifestyle is wrong, Tracey needs a real life, instead of hidind behind her DAD!

    Comment by Ronnie Jarrell | June 22, 2011 | Reply

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