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State sponsored prayer

So, good old Governor Rick “good hair” Perry is pushing prayer as the answer to his state’s and this nation’s very real problems.


Watch this, and if a chill doesn’t run down your spine, you are a very different person than me:

It has a creepy, 1984 quality. If I didn’t know better, I would think it was an Onion parody.

Unfortunately, it’s serious.

This should automatically disqualify Perry as a presidential candidate.

Not because of his religion, but because he wants to mix it with his role as a legislator and possible commander-in-chief.

This whole attitude strikes me as defeatist and disempowering.

Do these people pray to put food on the table, or do they go out and get a job to earn money to do so?

When they are sick or injured, do they beg their deity for a cure, or do they go to the doctor for proven medical remedies?

Politically, it is the most despicable ploy.

No solutions for our problems?

No problem, we can pray it better.

This is likely an attractive approach to someone as intellectually bankrupt as Perry.

OnKneesForJesus. Really.



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