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David Brin’s Take on Income Inequality

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I recently discovered David Brin‘s Blog, Contrary Brin.

Some good stuff there, covering a gamut from lists of good science fiction books for teens to a post eviscerating Frank Miller’sThe 300” in response to Miller’s nasty swipe at the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Part of his post over the weekend concisely addressed the income inequality that has grown over the past 30 years in this country:

* Ask your “ostrich” friends: “Tell us how to avoid “class war” now that 400 families own a greater share of our wealth than 50% of Americans. Is there some disparity that would finally make you worry? When they own more than 75%…Perhaps more than 90%? WHEN will you admit that we’ve returned to the normal condition that reigned in 99% of human cultures? Then will you admit that FDR wasn’t Satan, or that our parents in the “greatest generation” weren’t complete idiots, after all?”

He’s promised to take on the film version of Atlas Shrugged and Avatar, which should be interesting.

I highly recommend taking a look!


Contrary Brin.


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