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Rape Exists.

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Read this post  by PZ Myers over at Pharyngula and try to keep your blood from boiling.

Religion can sure give that added push to rationalize the most obscene, repulsive ideas.

In this case, a Mormon blogger has shared his wisdom in response to the suicide of an 18-year old Texas woman. She tweeted details of alleged ongoing sexual abuse by her stepfather and another family member, then killed herself.

A tragic, awful situation to begin with.

Then Mormon author Michael Crook decided he wanted to comment. As PZ Myers put it, “a demented fuckwit has opined”:

I don’t care what did or did not happen to her. First and foremost, I don’t believe rape exists. When there are incidents that are classified as “rape,” or names that are similar, what usually ends up happening is that the “victim” tends to “forget” to mention immodesty, flirty actions, or other conduct on their part that contributed to the matter. A woman who dresses immodestly must accept accountability for her choice of attire.

If, in fact, this girl was being molested or forced into prostitution as the media outlets say her tweets claimed, then it was her fault that it happened, and continued to happen.


Read the post on Pharyngula for some more insight into what Crook thinks is Mormon morality. It’s an eye-opener.

Apparently, others strongly disagreed, because he has since scrubbed his website of the offending post.



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  1. Want to buy dislike button. One man’s views do not in any way shape or form speak for all Mormons.

    I’m Mormon. I’m a survivor not only rape, but brutal domestic violence that resulted from the cycle I unknowingly fell into a result of attack. I’m also a Texan, was a Crisis Counselor for five years and an EMT for four who responded to her fare share of suicides as well as physical and sexual attacks.

    I’m not sure what is more horrible. Is it one man saying that there is no such thing, or another who states that all Mormons, including those that have survived such such events believe the same?

    I know, lets do Mormon women who’ve survived such things a favor by painting putting a symbol of their hope next to those kind of comments because it helps.

    You both should be ashamed.

    Comment by I'm Still Standing | November 24, 2011 | Reply

    • Intersting.

      Where did I say that ALL Mormans think that way?

      I have nothing to be ashamed about.

      Although I am saddened by your stated history, and it seems like you have made a great life for yourself, but that doesn’t give you license to chastise me for something I didn’t say.

      You and I may disagree, but my point is that religion is often used to justify the most horrific actions. Unfortunately, those atrocities are often visited upon women.


      Comment by wcward57 | November 27, 2011 | Reply

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