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David Brin Reviews Atlas Shrugged (Book & Movie)

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A nice long dissection of Rand’s Atlas Shrugged by Libertarian and Science Fiction writer David Brin:

Atlas Shrugged: The Hidden Context of the Book and Film

Rather enjoyable!

His take on Randians:

The film then resumed a level of simplistic lapel-grabbing that many of us recall from our Rand-obsessed college friends — underachievers who kept grumbling from their sheltered, coddled lives, utterly convinced that they’d do much better in a world of dog-eat-dog. (Using my sf’nal powers, I have checked-out all the nearby parallel worlds where that happened; in those realms, every Randian I know was quickly turned into a slave or dog food. Sorry fellows.)

I can’t wait until Brin takes on “Avatar” which he has promised in the near future.


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