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Merry Christmas From an Atheist

Our Christmas tree at night.

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A friend on Facebook posted this link from last year.

The writer explains why he has no problem wishing people a Merry Christmas, then takes on the idea that there is somehow a war on Christmas.

One of the parts that really struck a chord with me was this passage:

There seem to be a lot of people who think an atheist is an angry, immoral person who eats babies and sodomizes house pets, and that simply isn’t the case. I just turned 48 years old and I’ve been with my wife for 22 wonderful monogamous years. I am a passionate lover of animals, especially cats and dogs. I give of my time and money to charitable causes. I have never been arrested. I vote, pay my taxes and try to stay as informed as possible. I have a strong sense of justice, of right and wrong, and I adhere to it without compromise. I am a fiercely loyal friend and a lover of life — my own and others. My goal each day is to be a better person than I was yesterday and to live my life in a way that improves the lives of those around me. I point this out not to be immodest or seek praise but to show you that I am, for the most part, not unlike most people living their lives and pursuing happiness on this earth. Only one thing makes me an atheist: I am not a person of faith.

The blog is called Atheist Oasis, and I think the piece is thoughtful and informative.

It is a very long post, taking on Fox News, the late Jerry Falwell, defending the ACLU and giving a fairly comprehensive sociological history of Christmas as it has been observed (or not) throughout the ages.

Read it:

An Open Letter To Christians: Merry Christmas From An Atheist

Humbug to the idea that there is a “War On Christmas”. And Merry Christmas from this atheist.


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