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Taxes and Jobs

In my conversations with conservatives I am constantly amazed by the people who still cling to the idea that low taxes on the wealthy and big corporations leads to job creation and a robust economy.

If that were true, our economy should be screaming along and unemployment should be near zero. 

As anyone who pays attention knows, corporate taxes and taxes on the very wealthy have been slashed precipitously over the past 30 years.

We’ve tried the tax cut as panacea. It doesn’t work.

Here’s an illustration of what really happens when you cut taxes, and when you have a healthy tax structure in place, courtesy of  Being Liberal’s Facebook page:


Supply side failed, but the right continues to try to perpetuate it as a solution to our problems.

The “wealth creators” that conservatives (and many of their cowardly Democrat brethren) constantly genuflect to are actually nothing more than wealth hoarders.


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