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Nice Takedown of Katie Roiphe

Over at Salon.

Katie Roiphe discovers the Internet can be mean

If you don’t know who Katie Roiphe is, she’s the writer (currently writing for Slate) who has made a two decades-long career of dismissing women’s complaints of sexual harassment and date rape:

Katie Roiphe still doesn’t understand sexual harassment

In Roiphe’s world, women should grow a thick skin, and learn that demeaning salty sailor-talk in the workplace is fun!

Except when it comes to her.

Then she can barely disguise her hurt when people respond to her from outside her bubble — you know, that real world.

Her rant is here: Back Off, Angry Commenters

A representative sample:

Though I haven’t admittedly done a scientific study, it’s my impression that angry commenters are a little harder on women writers than male writers, for reasons I am not sure of, though angry commenters themselves are both male and female.

Roiphe’s rigorous research on complex, broad-ranging subjects appears to consist of scribbling overheard nuggets from conversations at the upscale cocktail parties she attends.

Salon writer Mary Elizabeth Williams comments on how completely alienated from reality Roiphe’s writings are, and brings the knife:

There’s something almost painful in the profoundly unself-aware yammerings of someone clearly so unnerved by readers who get “some small thrill in hating something,” when that’s Roiphe’s entire raison d’etre. You can’t fully blame Katie Roiphe for being so clueless. But every new missive generates the same unease you feel watching the tone-deaf mortify themselves on “American Idol” auditions. People don’t read Katie Roiphe pieces for her insights. They read them because someone else told them, “Oh my God, you won’t believe the bottle of whine she opened up this time.”

Roiphe, like a number of other media “social commentators” share the cultural acumen of Pat Robertson (macaroni and cheese – exotic new African American foodstuff).


December 2, 2011 - Posted by | Media Criticism

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