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Corporations Are NOT People

Public views of the Citizens United v. Federal...

I have been alternately amused and frustrated by people who defend the notion of corporate personhood.

The bottom line to me is that each person employed by a corporation has an individual vote and an individual voice in which they can unreservedly express themselves.

It appears the majority of people responding to an unscientific NPR poll feel the same way:

‘We The People’: NPR Readers Would Ratify Four New Amendments

The poll found that NPR listeners/readers would support Constitutional Amendments to do the following:

  1. Abolish the Electoral College
  2. Limit campaign contributions from corporations
  3. Deny corporations the rights of citizens
  4. Prohibit members of Congress from lobbying once they leave office

I agree with all of these except for the first. I am not sure if getting rid of the Electoral College will actually be a good thing, and Christopher Phillips, author of the book “Constitution Cafe” expresses some of my concerns that this would do little to change the playing field for presidential candidates:

“…would they still be stymied by the arcane political primary system devised by the two principal political parties to ensure that their candidates will enjoy a vast material advantage in presidential contests, and that were never anticipated by our original framers?” Phillips asks.

Phillips examines the weaknesses of each of these proposed amendments, but none which a little change of language could remedy.

This exercise is encouraging because I think that people are starting to become aware of the root problems facing America.

Shutting the revolving door between Congress and Lobbying Firms, overturning Citizens United, and removing corporate money from the mix would go a long way to creating some balance and allowing the system to actually work for everyone.



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