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Human-Sized T-Rexes?

Tyrannosaurus rex, a theropod from the Late Cr...

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National Geographic has posted an exciting article citing evidence that shows that the meat-eating forebears of Tyrannosaurus Rex were human-sized.

How cool is that?

University of Maryland tyrannosaur expert Thomas Holtz, Jr., added: “I like to call [early tyrannosaurs] the jackals of the Jurassic and Early Cretaceous.

Seems there is growing evidence that the ancestors of Tyrannosaurus Rex started small, preying on young and smaller dinosaurs from hiding.

During the earlier period larger theropods (meat-eating dinosaurs), like Allosaurus fragilis dominated the apex predator niche.

Paleontologists are not clear on why T. Rex underwent a huge growth spurt during the middle Cretaceous, as that period is not well represented in the fossil record.



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