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Reasons for this blog

There were several reasons that I decided to start a blog.
Primarily, I needed an outlet to write. I used to write a lot more often, and I needed a way to express some of the frustration, joy and wonder I’ve had building in me.
I found myself posting links on my Facebook page, but I wasn’t really writing a lot, and found myself wanting to talk about stuff in a way that is not appropriate on a social networking site.
I don’t know who my audience is yet, but I am hoping to start by discussing things with friends who are willing to put up with my rants and odd sense of humor.
I am encouraging my Sig Oth (significant other) to collaborate on a regular comic strip as she’s a beautiful, brilliant artist.
I look forward to seeing where this journey leads.


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Co. W, 4th Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Artillery at Guilford Courthouse, March, 2010.

All, I added a background and a picture of Super Gator vs. Cracker Barrell Peg Game.

More to come.

UPDATE: Super Gator is gone, replaced with a shot from the 1812 Grand Tactical over the weekend of July 31 – August 1. Photo credit goes to Lindsay Fisk.

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Hello, Everyone.

I’m going to be slowly getting familiar with Word Press and it’s features over the next few weeks.
I will be out of town starting Friday, so there won’t be any posting on a regular basis until early August.

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